PureRockets, Inc. has an immediate part-time opening for an experienced drone pilot. Please have 3+ years of drone flying experience, ideally at the competition level. Send us your video resume. Nice to have would include IoT development experience with flight control software such as APM and ROS. Job description will include R/C free flight testing of existing turbine drone prototype.

Beginning likely in 2018, we will have pilot openings for the next generation of high powered human lifting drones. Job description includes on-board piloting of high powered drones for search and rescue, fire fighting and emergency response including oil rig and hostage rescue.

Job requirements (in accordance with local, state, federal and international law) include any three of the following:

* Private pilot license
* Drone/UAV flying experience
* Skydiving USPA rated
* Hang Gliding Hang 3 or greater
* Search and Rescue Certified
* EMT/Paramedic Certified
* Firefighting Certified
* CA Concealed Carry Permit
* Firearms/self-defense training
* Former military encouraged to apply

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